Teresa Grimaldi : Dolly Mixtures

Teresa Grimaldi

Dolly Mixtures - Quay Arts

DOLLY MIXTURES 17th May 2008 to 7th June 2008 Quay Arts, Isle of Wight Dolly Mixtures is an eclectic mish-mash of art dolls created from an equally eclectic range of materials by more than 20 Island-based artists (including Ventnorian Teresa Grimaldi) in the Learning Curve Gallery at Quay Arts in support of the St George’s School DRAGON Project. Visitors to the exhibition will have the rare opportunity to own these pieces of art and to support a good cause at the same time as they will be raffled off to raise funds for the project. Catalogues will be on sale at the Quay for £5 which will include a raffle ticket on which you can indicate your favourite ‘dolly mixture’ doll. The draw takes place on Thursday 29th May (between 6-8pm), so do go along to buy your ticket and see the draw. The DRAGON project at St George’s is an amazing and ambitious new kind of learning centre run by students for students. It will offer new opportunities for pupils at St Georges School as well as pupils across the Island who can come and use the unique bespoke facilities. Check out the official website to read more about the project.